Diệt Trojan Win32/Cnteban.B!ml

Signs to identify Virus (Trojan) :

  1. Virus displayed in defender form: Trojan Win32/Cnteban.B!Ml
  2. You can find this file in the dowloand or file to use the software installation
  3. It is of the form ” .ISO
  4. The Trojan creates its own CD drive and appears in MyComputer


  1. Mentioning to the habit of using Crack file or finding Key to use Free some common software for users, Hackers will upload files to the website to deceive and after you download the file and manipulate with File Virus ( trojan) will work
  2. Depending on the time the virus ate the file or invaded. So often the Vius stick (trojan) will not immediately know the serious consequences from it.
  3. For Windows 10, the computer will report a virus but will not remove and delete the file. You can use quarantine for that file

Danger (Danger):

  1. Viruses and Trojans will silently inside your computer and wait for an attack
  2. They will erode your files, steal information, falsify computer operations

Identify the new Trojan Win32 / Cnteban.B! Ml

How to remove Trojan Win32 / Cnteban.B! Ml

1. Microsoft safety scanner ( Here ) The safety scan first to ensure its way.

It is not necessary to scan but if you have time, you should download and try. CPU scan yourself is about 100% do not know what your computer is faulty but about 20p is done. Microsoft’s web, so rest assured.

2. Remove Trojan with windows defender offline scan 100% effective and simple

Kill Trojan: Win32 / Conteban.B!  Ml
new virus, new trojan how to destroy, how to delete

Trojan: Win32 / Conteban.B! Ml is a Trojan that cannot be deleted with a regular scan tool. The easiest way to delete is Offline scan. Click on the Scan option box

Click on the Windows Defender ofiline scan box as shown below

When the scanner is complete, it will open for you, what to do:

  1. Check if the dowloand file (trojan) is deleted
  2. Virtual CD file on the computer still exists
  3. Is Windows Security green?

Hope this article will help many people to eliminate this trojan. Any questions please leave a comment below.




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